After playing in Baden at the Kulturkeller and the Gessneralle in Zürich Simon and me will join another night with our music project Sediment & Smog.
Talk Show I: Tribute
The first Talk Show invites on stage a selection of people who took time to develop a vital relationship with the environment. They share their stories about a planet dealing with climate change, biodiversity loss and evolution – seeing as beautiful what we often don’t notice, or forget to look at.
We invite the audience to an urban space to remind what lies beyond our 24h human realities, grasping the varieties of networks of life. The evening proposes a vision test for our perception of time and space. What is our capacity of a sense of wonder?
When: Friday 23 September 2016 / 19h30
Where: Willner Brauerei Berlin, Berliner Straße 80-82, 13189 Berlin
Artistic direction and production: Vincent Bozek & Simo Vassinen


upcoming performances:

17.9. 2016 sediment & smog, Restaurant Trudelkeller, Baden Schweiz
18.9. 2016 sediment & smog, Gessnerallee Zürich, Schweiz
23.9. 2016 sediment & smog, Willner Brauerei, Berliner Straße 80-82, 13189 Berlin
8. Oktober 2016 Remix Andy Guhl Zweierstrasse 177 Zürich, Schweiz
Nov 2016 LUNGA School Workshop and SEDIMENT Solo, Seldisfördur Iceland 
Nov 2016 „Klang Kollektiv“YA-JAZZ Festival Duala, Kamerun
Dez 2016 DIALOGUE DANCE Dance Kostorma, Russland
22. Dezember Willy Strehler Simon Berz BADABUM Atelier, Zug Schweiz
24.12. 2016 Wunderbar, Zug, Schweiz
Jan 2017 Superterz Insomniasession Photobastei Zürich, Schweiz
18. 2.2017 Simon Berz Solo, Burgbachkeller Zug, Schweiz

2017 FELL PEIDEN Vinyl/CD Releas, tba
2017 Superterz CD Release, tba