15.12.2017 Klangkeller Berlin
SEDIMENT & SMOG Simon Berz Lithophon, EFX & Klaas Hübner Harddrives, EFX

As part of a special BLATT 3000 issue HOFFNUNG 3000 initiated a series of discussions around the ideas we explored with all of you during the festival. This happened in various formats and across different platforms which we documented and printed in our BLATT 3000 #9 special issue.

Come to KLANGKELLER for the release party! We will have the fresh #9 ready, with great texts, chats and impulses on dreams about the future.

BLATT 3000 is a collective of artists, activists & theorists who experiment with processes of collaboration and self-organization to actively transform art practices and the communities around it. BLATT 3000 takes action in the form of festivals, publications, workshops and research, utilizing technology to enact non-commercial and non-hierarchical models of organizing.

BLATT 3000 was founded on the idea of exchanging questions around music, art, theory and much more. BLATT 3000 oposes hierarchical ways of organizing (socially, technologically, institutionally) and believes in open, collaborative and responsive models of communication and organization. BLATT 3000 therefore asks: How can frameworks be built that engender collaborative work and processes of self-organization? How can communities critically make use of technology to organize themselves? How to do community that is felt as equal to all its members?

BLATT 3000 believes in collectivity, activism and love.

upcomming shows:
01.12.2017 Yumi Ito (voc), Joachim Flüeler (vcl) & Simon Berz (dr, elec)Stummfilmmarathon, Zürich
15.12.2017 SEDIMENT & SMOG Simon Berz Lithophon, EFX & Klaas Hübner Harddrives, EFX Klangkeller Berlin
16.12.2017 Judith Wegmann: CD-Taufe SEDIMENT Solo, Shedhalle, Zug, Switzerland
16.12.2017 ROCKINGDESK Solo https://www.perlaton.ch/
18.12.2017 SEDIMENT Solo, Baden, Switzerland>>>

23.12.2017 SEDIMENT Solo Biel, Switzerland
24.12.2017 WUNDERBAR (Benefizbar für Ärzte ohne Grenzen) Landsgemeindeplatz, Zug, Switzerland

10.01.2018 - 24.01.2018 Peake Berz EU/CH Tour


2018 Tour FELL PEIDEN Vinyl/CD Release, UNIT RECORDS, Switzerland

2018 shifted eruptions, Skúli Sverrisson (b/efx) & Simon Berz (dr/efx/stones)CD Release, Iceland

2018 tropf Vinyl soundart Release DUMPF RECORDS, Berlin

2018 KONDO TOSHINORI Simon Berz CD Release, Tokyo

2018 SEDIEMENT Solo LP „another Tokyo“ CD Release, Tokyo

2018 Kidd Jordan, James Singelon, Simon Berz live at Instant Opus, Hi-Ho Lounge New Orleans, CD Release New Orleans