Upcoming Shows:

June 22 2024 9pm TECTONIC Solo BIT WÄSCHEREI Zürich

July 12 2024 9pm TECTONIC Solo F&F Zürich

July 13 2024 5pm STONES & SCREENS San Gotthardo Kristallkaverne

July 26 2024 9pm TECTONIC Solo  EVEREST Records 25 Years Party 

New Releases:

NATURE Album by Simon Berz

NATURE, by Simon Berz 17 track album

Simon Berz improvised with found slate stones during morning rituals in the Swiss Alps during the pandemic. The recording NATURE documents the search for the infinite variety of sounds of these million-year-old stones.

The Sound of the Stones

In 2009, I found thin, ringing slate slabs in Haute-Provence in the south of France. This discovery led me to a new path in my work with found objects. The raw sound of the stones, combined with water droplets or electronics, has accompanied me ever since. The sound installation TROPF was awarded the 2011 work year of the Canton of Zug. Last year, I was able to present the new variant of the installation at Kunstraum Aarau 2023. The collected recording TROPF was released by DUMPF Edition Zurich. With the instrument TECTONIC (basalt stones from Iceland and electronics, 2015), I toured and performed concerts between Cuba and Japan.

Other new releases:

Our music is driven by the ongoing global disaster, expressing the last moments of human failure – a call to action for solidarity, for social and ecological responsibility