In the „art laboratory“ of various art disciplines

What happens when compositional, improvisational, notational and interpretive processes occur simultaneously? What happens to the individual protagonists? How do they experience the whole? How do they judge the performance and the sculpture at the end of the performance? For example, how does „composing“ behave when it happens as quickly and at the same moment as improvising, interpreting and notating?
CUT OUT is performance and reflection in the here and now on the valences of the individual processes. Historically evolved „values“ and aesthetic cultural practices are to be juxtaposed by means of performance. „Dispositives“ of musical processes are put into a state of experimentation by bringing about simultaneity. In analogy to physical experiments, where unstable or critical moments are to be reached in order to achieve new results, with CUT OUT a performance in the „art laboratory“ is created in order to realize and put up for debate new references in music and between the most diverse art disciplines.