Simon Berz LIQUID LAND TRIO with Rob Cambre, Moose Jackson

The guitarist Rob Cambre and the Poet Moose Jackson from New Orleans denied the first AIRtist in Residence evening at the Zurich jazz club Moods together with Simon Berz at its electrified drums and instruments, which he built in New Orleans from the waste the Katrina storm disaster in 2003, which in the documentary Liquid country were used.

Rob Cambre (New Orleans) g / EFX
Rob Cambre with its label Anxious sounds one of the main organizers of noise, free jazz and experimental music in New Orleans. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of music and he plays as a guitarist both in rock bands as well as in the improvisation scene, somewhere between Sonic Youth and Southern blues. With Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth Cambre was because even in a duo on stage.

Moose Jackson (New Orleans) Spoken Word
The Poet Moose Jackson (Spoken Word) took shortly after Katrina in the legendary Piety Studios on a CD with the musicians he could find in the almost deserted town and created an impressive historical document. Performed with great musicality and a deep, husky voice, tell his Spoken Words insistently of impressions and experiences after the disaster, „emotional journalism“ he calls himself.

Moose Jackson (New Orleans) Spoken Word
Rob Cambre (New Orleans) git / EFX
Simon Berz (Zurich) dr / EFX

2012 LIQUID LAND called the Documentary Film and CD project with which the filmmaker Michelle Ettlin and Simon Berz toured the United States and Switzerland. The project portrays the less noticed improvisation scene of New Orleans.
Simon Berz maintains the LIQUID LAND project sharing with the very lively and energetic improvised music of New Orleans, which is characterized by urgency, playfulness and creativity since of 2009.