Sedment and Smog

The duo SEDIMENT & SMOG with Simon Berz and Klaas Hübner combines sounds from stones and electrosmog. Together they create a unique fusion of sound and performance that pushes the boundaries of traditional music. At the center of their exploration is the stone instrument lithophone, which Simon Berz made and plays himself. The lithophone is a mystical instrument that evokes the primal sounds of nature. It consists of a series of specially selected stones, each of which produces different pitches when struck. With the lithophone, Berz conjures ethereal melodies and otherworldly harmonies, creating a soundscape that transports the listener to distant worlds. Klaas Hübner manipulates electromagnetic fields generated by everyday electrical devices such as chargers, fans, telephones, motors and hard drives. Huebner’s electronic prowess complements Berz’s percussive explorations, creating a soundscape that blurs the line between acoustic and electronic music. Together, they weave a sonic tapestry that bridges the gap between these two opposing mediums, providing a mesmerizing experience that takes audiences on a sonic journey. SEDIMENT & SMOG’s performances are not just concerts; they are transformative experiences. The duo’s synergy on stage is palpable as they navigate a wide range of musical genres and styles, seamlessly blending elements of jazz, electronic, experimental and world music. Each performance is a unique and dynamic journey of discovery marked by improvisation, spontaneity, and a deep connection with the audience. Through their collaboration, SEDIMENT & SMOG push the boundaries of what is possible in music, creating a sonic experience that is both innovative and emotionally stirring. The duo invites listeners on a fascinating journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional musical genres.

Gelbfinger Records New Orleans / Berlin